Agent Orange exposure on Thailand military bases

If you had regular security duty on the fenced-in perimeters of a U.S. military base in Thailand or Royal Thai Air Force Bases between January 9, 1962, and May 7, 1975, you may have had contact with Agent Orange. The U.S. military used this herbicide to clear trees and plants during the Vietnam War. We refer to this as a presumption of contact. Find out if you can get disability compensation and other benefits for illnesses we believe are caused by contact with Agent Orange.

Can I get disability benefits from VA?
You may be able to get disability benefits if the below descriptions are true for you. Both of these must be true. You:
1. Have an illness we believe is caused by Agent Orange (called a presumptive disease), and
2. You must have served perimeter duty in at least one of these places:
On RTAF bases in Thailand (including U-Tapao, Ubon, Nakhon Phanom, Udorn, Takhli, Korat, or Don Muang), or On a U.S. Army installation in Thailand
Who’s covered?
Qualified dependents
Qualified survivors
What kind of disability benefits can I get?
Health care
Compensation (payments)
An Agent Orange Registry health exam

How do I get these benefits?
You’ll need to file a claim for disability compensation. When you file, you’ll have to show that you had contact with Agent Orange while serving in the military. To prove that you had contact with Agent Orange during your Thailand service, you’ll need to send us supporting documents that show you had regular perimeter security duty, such as: Daily work duty logs, or
Performance evaluation reports, or Job records.
Find out how to file a claim for disability compensation