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  • Just 10 miles off the coast of Dunedin Beach, Fla., in the Gulf of Mexico, exists a Circle of Heroes. It is a tranquil, peaceful place that offers comfort for veterans inclined – and prepared – to visit it. The first-of-its-kind underwater veterans dive memorial was dedicated on Aug. 5. VFW's Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Fritz […]
  • Daniel Rivas, Jr., remembers being six years old and watching as police responded to a domestic violence call at a neighbor's house. A man beating his wife tried to fight off an officer and was subdued and arrested. That moment from his childhood in Texas stuck with Rivas, and he always knew he wanted to […]
  • After a failed Olympic bid, wrestler Sally Roberts set her sights on the Army. If she hadn't, she never would have volunteered for deployment to Afghanistan or met the women who inspired her nonprofit, Wrestle Like A Girl. "I was incredibly depressed from not making the Olympic team," said Roberts, who joined the Army in […]
  • Roger Soiset stood among the 80 guests happily crammed into Trinity Baptist Church in Thomasville, Ga., on a warm afternoon in July 2019. The VFW member from Post 5255 in Grayson, Ga., had traveled across the state with four others who served alongside him in the 1st Plt., 7th Bn., 199th Inf. Bde. to honor […]
  • A city in Ohio recently renamed a bridge to honor Purple Heart veterans all over the country. The city of Defiance, located about 55 miles southwest of Toledo, renamed its Clinton Street Bridge to Purple Heart Bridge. VFW National Deputy Chief of Staff Bob Kroeger, a Gold Legacy Life member of VFW Post 3360 in […]
  • KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Every Sept. 29, Veterans of Foreign Wars Day is celebrated at Posts and in communities around the world. VFW Day is a day devoted to recognizing our amazing organization and its selfless and committed members worldwide who continue to serve. The VFW has been unwavering in its devotion to veterans, service […]