A few Thai words to bring up some memories

The Thai language is the official language of Thailand, however, there are also many regional languages that are commonly spoken. Where regional languages exist, Thai is used as a second language. The Northeastern part of Thailand is referred to as Issan, and the primary language is Issan which is the name for the various dialects of the Lao language. Children in Issan initially learn to speak Issan from their family, however, when they go to school, they are taught to speak Thai. Issan is spoken by about one third of the Thailand population.

Greetings = Sawàt dee
Greetings Sir = Sawatdee Khap
Yes = Chái
No = Mâi
Go = Bye
Go Fast = Bye Lay-oh
Very Fast = Lay-oh Lay-oh
Slow Down = Del-Del-Del
Stop = Yoot
How are you ? = Khun Sah Bye Dee Loo ?
I’m fine = Sah bye dee
Where are you going ? = Bye Nye
Going around town = Bye Teal
Going to go Eat Rice = Bye Kin Cow
Where = Tee Nigh
I don’t know = My Loo
Never Mind (Don’t worry about it) = My Pen Lie
Water = Nahm
Beer = Sing-High (The brand most G.I.’s preferred)
Drinking Glass = Newng-Gow
Bottle = Quwat (G.I.s said “Quart”)
Fried Rice = Cow Pot
Monkey Ball Soup = Quay-Dee-Owl-Nahm
Money = Baht
How much does it cost ? = Towel Lie Baht
Much = Mahk
Too Much Money = Mawk-Baht
Far Too Much Money = Mawk-Mawk Baht
Do NOT want = My Owl
Want = Owl
I want = Pome Owl
I want One = Pome Owl Newng
One = Newung
Two = Song
Three = Sahm